Invest In Your Future

As a funeral director, you’ve spent most of your working life planning other people’s farewells, but how do you say goodbye to your business? IG Funerals has the exit plan to suit your needs.

Whether it’s walking off into the sunset or just giving up the day-to-day operations and still doing the parts of the job you enjoy, we can help. Selling to us is like giving your business a second life.

Getting it right

We understand

We understand that selling your business is a huge decision – one that can’t be rushed. We will explain each stage of the process thoroughly. With total transparency – we believe in total honesty and maintaining a lifetime relationship with you.

We are company owners also, so we know the hard sweat that goes into running a business and the felling of connection with each customer. Therefore, we pledge to continue in this manner – which will be paramount to the future success of the business.


Maintaining Heritage

We understand the heritage that comes with a funeral home and we want to preserve that. We recognise the reputation that your business has within the community and we want to uphold the same level of standards that you have stood by during your career.


Years of experience

Anyone can run a business, but running a funeral home is something special. Our team has over 37 years’ experience running funeral homes. We understand the special place funeral homes hold within a community.


Adding more value

Our philosophy is to preserve the heritage of the homes we acquire and build on their success through investment. We know that it’s the people who really make the business, which is why we aim to invest in training and education.

You Decide

Exit on your terms

If you want to hang up your suit jacket for good, we can provide you with a clean exit. However, we know that a lot of people aren’t totally ready to cut ties with their business. We can take over the day-to-day operations and you can maintain contact, attend funerals and keep those community ties that you’ve spent years cultivating. We are also flexible if you want to be a business partner or be partially involved in running the business.

Deals Done

Transactions completed smoothly between the team in various sectors. You’re in safe hands.

Funeral experience

Members of management have worked for both corporate & independent funeral directors.

Acquisitions size

Our management team has been involved in small and large acquisitions.

Trusted Partners

A funeral director, business manager and finance partner – we have exact ingredients to operate and improve the business with your help.

Here to help

Ready to partner with us?




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