Reasons to sell your business

If you are ready to take the plunge or have been thinking about selling, read below about reasons to sell. Also, how we can help secure your future.

Why Sell to us?

Our ethos is to provide a dignifying experience and exceptional levels of service for a bereaved family.

We are passionate about respecting the heritage that came before us and preserving the reputation.

Our management team have 37 years experience in the industry and running successful funeral homes.

Retirement plans

Funeral directing is very rewarding, but retirement can be too. You’ve lived long enough to know that people regret the things they never did and the chances they never took.

Recent Death

Whether it’s your partner or family member the death of a loved one changes everything. Maybe their passing has made you realise that you have other things you need to focus on in your life.


Funeral directing isn’t for everyone. If your family doesn’t want to carry on the business after you’re gone, it’s a good idea to settle up now.

Financial Problems

If you are experiencing financial problems and you’re looking for a swift exit, then IG Funerals can help.


The industry is competitive and to keep up, it takes investment which can be expensive. Our business plan is to invest into your businesses – injecting capital right where it’s needed most.

Life Changes 

Life doesn’t always go as planned and we’re here to help if you need to make changes to yours.

Here to help

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