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Our team has over 37 year’s experience running funeral homes. We know the industry inside out. We have experience in operating, funeral directing and managing funeral homes. We also have experience in integrating businesses post acquisition.


We are dedicated to improving your business by being customer centric. Our aim is to enhance the customer experience from start to finish, striving to deliver the spirit and values of a true independent home and operate with efficiency.


The most important relationships in our business are with you (the seller), the bereaved families and the communities we serve. We aim to treat everyone with respect and consideration, no matter what. Together we can improve the industry.

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If there is anything you are ever unsure of you can always get in contact with us and we will listen.


The end of a life deserves a dignified send-off and the families of the deceased deserve to be treated with the utmost respect.

If you sell your funeral home to us – you can rest assured that we will continue to uphold the highest standards.


Bereaved families need a funeral home that will take care of all the little details and will treat them with kindness and respect.

We understand that attention to detail is key and providing an all round quality experience is essential.


Funeral directing involves a great deal of responsibility and we appreciate the effect that our service has on some of the most difficult days in people’s lives.

We know it’s our duty to take care of families and help them through their grieving process.

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